Check-in formalities consist in reporting to the appropriate airline desk, to be checked in as a passenger on a given flight. This is the point at which your baggage is registered, consigned to the airline for security checks, and transport to the aircraft`s hold. At the counter of the airline from which you purchased the check-in tickets, record the baggage and hand them over to be checked and then transported for boarding the aircraft.

Respect the recomandations regarding the time to arrive at the airport.

Read carefuly about the forbiden objects that you cannot bring on board of the airplane, on the hand luggage or on hold baggage.

Read carefuly about the transportation of liquids.

Read more about check-in:

Turkish Airlines

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 07:00 - 11:00
Thursday Closed
Friday 07:00 - 11:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday 19:00 - 23:00

Ticketing office phone number:

  • 0040241256456
  • 0040241255100 - ext 820
  • Call Center - 0040 21 204 7005

Wizz Air

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:25 - 13:55
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10:45 - 14:15
Friday Closed
Saturday 10:25 - 13:55
Sunday Closed

Restaurants and coffee shop

Fly Cafe

Location: Departures Terminal, Waiting Area External flights

Emi Cafe

Location: Departures Terminal, Waiting Area External flights




Location: Departures Terminal, Waiting area external flights

Best Value

Location: Departures Terminal, Waiting area external flights


Passenger rights

Reduced mobility

Passengers with reduced mobility and disabled persons are protected against discrimination as from 26 July 2008 can benefit under certain conditions from the appropriate assistance provided at each airport in the EU.

Identity of airline companies

You must know in advance the identity of the traveler you travel with. Airline companies that do not offer safe flight conditions are prohibited or subject to restrictions within the European Union. These companies are presented at:


Airline companies are responsible for damages caused by the delay of flights (up to approx. € 4,800), damage and loss of luggage (up to € 1,200) as well as for personal injuries or deaths resulting from accidents. However, they do not bear this responsibility if they have taken all possible measures to avoid damage or if it has been impossible to take such measures.

Tourist packages

Package tour operators are required to provide accurate information on reserved holiday tickets, comply with contractual obligations and ensure the protection of passengers in the event of organizer insolvency.

Denial of boarding

You are entitled to claim damages amounting to € 125 to € 600, depending on the flight distance and the delay caused by the redirect.

Prolonged delays

If the delay is longer than five hours, you have the right to request reimbursement of the cost of the ticket, but only if the trip is waived.


You have the right to receive monetary damages, except in the following circumstances:

  • you have been informed of the cancellation of the race 14 days in advance
  • the redirected flight schedule is very close to the initial schedule
  • the airline can show that the cancellation of the flight was due to special reasons.

Assistance provided by airline companies

Depending on the circumstances, if your boarding is denied or if the plane you are traveling with is canceled or delayed, you are entitled to assistance (meal, means of communication, overnight accommodation, if applicable). If your boarding is denied or if the flight is canceled you can choose between continuing your trip or refunding your ticket cost.

Call the free number 008 00 6789 1011din orice punct în care vă aflați pe teritoriul UE, în timpul programului de lucru (09:00 - 18:30 CET în zilele lucrătoare). Anumiți operatori de telefonie mobilă nu permit accesul la numerele cu prefixul 00 800 sau taxează aceste convorbiri în unele cazuri aceste convorbiri pot fi taxate dacă sunt efectuate de la un post telefonic public sau de la hotel.

This information is for informational purposes only. All claims and actions brought in litigation will be based solely on the applicable laws. These can be found in the Official Journal of the European Union.

More information, as well as a list of national authorities responsible for compliance with these rights, can be found at:

Security rules

Passengers and their luggage shall be screened before boarding. Security control is a measure to prevent the intrusion of weapons, explosives, or other dangerous devices and objects that can be used to commit an act of unlawful interference.

For security control, high-performance technical equipment (X-ray machines, fixed and portable metal detectors, explosive detectors) are used.

In some cases, if the situation requires, the security check can also be executed manually.

Leaving unattended luggage in public areas of the airport is forbidden!

DO NOT accept any other person's parcel or bag, no matter what the reason!

DO NOT leave your luggage for even a few seconds!


Read more about security rules here .

Attention! Photography and filming are prohibited inside the airport.

Redused mobility

Persons wishing to apply for special assistance are requested to notify their airline when booking their flight or, at the latest, 48 hours before flying.
The airline will forward their request to the airport.

Passengers additionally requiring assistance between the bus station or car park exit and check-in desk, should notify the Handling office 36 hours in advance.

Handling Office
Phone: +40 730 070 150

Mother and child

The Airport invites you to take advantage of its free Mother and Child Room, for your feeding and changing needs.

Available 24h.

You can ask for this service to the handling agents responsible for the travel formalities.

Baby care rooms

After check-in, security control, Passport control, in the waiting area there is a special room for Mother and Child where young children can play or where mothers can change the diapers.